Thursday, April 19, 2018

Natural Gas Supplies Diving Underwater

Judging from my dog walk this morning, we aren't warm yet.  We're getting a few days of maple syrup weather, then back into snow.  The storage line is heading for the 'Big Brick Wall'.  I estimate that there are only 2 weeks of natgas left.  This report will lift prices for new gas fracking.

The Oklahoma m6 earthquakes are all lining up on the main seismic mechanism.  Each m6 knocks away a bump and makes things smoother.  Then it's the wet foot on an old bathtub.  We've had 3 or 4 significant m6 episodes, so it's only a few more.

I can mention all this because there is no hysteria whatsoever.  :)

ps.  No lefties will take this up as being caused by the greed of the right, since all this is because the nasa physics is a crock.

Oklahoma earthquakes following the script

More earthquakes, so I am able to make a guess on where the next m6 activity will take place, and predictions for the coming m7's.

The earthquake mechanisms are now lining up perfectly.

ps.  Actually I like being always right and never believed.  I can be honest.  If I suddenly had 'gravitas' like nasa, I'd have to filter every word.  Lucky for me the newspapers are full of reports from time travellers. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trudeau Photo-bombed by Happy Students

Somebody did what I always like to do -- put horns on the star.  Note the two fingers right behind his head.  Probably will be a big scandal in Canada.  "How dare they invite somebody like that!"  I can never get over the wonderful stupidity of the world.  :)