Friday, March 24, 2017

Freedom of Speech in Quebec


I just have to give this guy some support, since it is Canadian politics, and not trumpyism, which is what everybody, on the dog walk, talks about.

This is nothing new.  Every time some physicist says "There's no physics in global warming.", some gorey type wants him fired.  So, when this professor bites the nanny-state hand that feeds him at McGill, he has to resign.

I'm not going on and on about Quebec.  They can do any silly thing they want as long as they threaten the feds, to squeeze money out of them.  I'm just saying that there is an economic effect of political suppression.  Soon, bright people won't want to say anything, and then they just want to leave.  Even fed money can't stop the decline.  I know that if the nutters in Quebec actually read English, then I wouldn't say that I agree with this guy 100%.  It the same thing, that the warming nutters never read anything to do with physics, so I can rant all I want to.  :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Linux - fun with the Raspberry Pi Zero W - setup

You need to buy a starter kit from Canatech, or whatever.  The kit has the good charger, a micro to regular usb converter, and a micro to regular hdmi adapter.  They also include a micro sd card with the operating system right on it.  I borked that right away, and loaded a new raspberrian system.

The raspi foundation is desperate for money, and loads a huge amount of bloatware on the system.  Good for an r3 but not so good for the zero.  But you have to use the full system for the rzw, because you need to set up the wifi and that's miserable from the command line.

So, fire it up while connected to your hdmi monitor, and usb keyboard-mouse.  Works great.  Immediately attack the bloatware with their software removal tool.  Kill wolfram and real-vnc.  These are horribly complicated and screw everything up.  They pay big bucks to put this on as an introduction.

Use raspi-config to activate ssh and i2c.  Set up the wifi.  Now you can get your big computer back.  Just keep the rzw plugged in and you can ssh in.  Install tightvncserver, and xfonts-base.  Fire up vncserver, and you get a full screen.  Great!  The thing is a 'dancing bear', slow but amazing that it works!

Now I have to solder on the i2c pins.  I intend to get at least 2 accelerometers on it.  Subsequent rzw's should cost less because you just need the naked boards, and I have a million micro usb chargers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Leaving the Scientific Method


Dana writes a very nice article on what happens when a pure rationalist enters the world of fanaticism.

He didn't have a chance.  That's the thing about the Scientific Method, you either stick with it or you don't.  Nothing inbetween.  You can't use it as a club to disprove nonsense, because the public can't tell the difference.  All you can say is that it is not SM and therefore outside the realm of Science.

However, there are always people such as warmists who define Science as outside the SM.  Their audience is the public, and they win an argument every time.  Stay away from these people!