Friday, October 20, 2017

Linux - Cheap starlight surveillance camera working perfectly

I now have the camera working with Zoneminder.  I am extremely happy with it, since it is a very economical setup.  I had to use the powered ethernet right into the house for a proper bandwidth.  It's such a fun thing to watch in the morning, and you can zoom through quite fast.  The raccoon went by a couple of times.  I can't wait to catch the coyotes after the raccoon.  When those big monsters wander by, I'll finally have something.  :)

This is a starlight camera, so you can see that it's very dark out, but you have a good picture.  I got the high resolution model, and it comes down at 25 fps.  When the next Mafia lord gets wasted, I'll have a fuzzy picture of the car.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Ready for Canadabis Day -- Part 1

Next year, on July 1, what are you going to have in your hands?  Well, if you don't start now, it will be a pathetic beer.  This series is about me getting my hydroponic system going again.  This year, I'll just be growing microgreens, like beans and sunflowers.  I'm publishing to the world, and that's all I'm going to say.  On the Big Day, I'll be able to say more.

Official Word:  Every one of my attempts to grow canadabis has ended in failure.

This is my podcast, on video now.  :)

ps.  Actually, I can't imagine continuing the series.  The friends up the road, who were hard-core thc users, like the 50-50 blend, but nobody else I know wants to try anything.  Canada could take over the world next year, but I don't think anybody is that enthusiastic.  :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Linux - fun with drivers

I have one machine that always has the latest -- 'testing' from Debian, and modern kernels.  It always blows up, but I can't live without being on the edge.  :)  So, this machine decided to stop printing on my very old laser printer that only has a 32 bit driver.  No prob, I'll just reinstall.

Little did I know that it decided to mix up my drive order 'sda, sdb, and sdc'.  So when I was formatting the usb install disk, I formatted my other hard drive.  All my media stuff gone! 

To top that, I had tons of trouble this time reinstalling, and still the printer didn't work.  Poops!  But I learned a lot of stuff I didn't really want to learn.  The guts of these computers are amazing.... blah.