Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ontario Cannabis Act


This really the best we can do right now.  I am hoping they will eventually relax things on high-cbd cannabis and products.  High thc cannabis should be controlled and the money used for education.  I've seen it burn out too many brains.

In fact, it's time to do all drugs this way.  Again, the money should be used for treatment and education.  We could go back to pure, natural, heroin.  Ecstasy, and LSD on the counter.  Magic mushrooms to the right, cocaine to the left.  Of course, no Canadian could ever cross the US border, but what the heck.

I'm sure drug-pushers add the stuff that makes things extra-addictive.  It's only business.  But if we had all the pure stuff available, it might not be that bad.

ps.  HIgh cbd is easy to grow, so we aren't dependent on a monopoly.  In February, I'll start the tutorial, so they are ready by July 1.  :)

Canada Causes Gulf Stream Brexit


British plough last used in 1980

Our very cold Arctic water has now reached the Gulf Stream.  For the last month or so, it was just toying with the idea.  I haven't seen this since these current maps came out.  Now it's a battle for supremacy, cold vs. hot.  Who will win?  In any case, the GS is greatly reduced and is not providing any heat for the warmies in Britain.

Being Canadian, I think the cold will win and fold up the GS like an accordion.  I particularly wish the University of Leeds to freeze up like Popsicle.  They led the whole warmie thing, with the vicious emails.

ps.  the big winds right now are just the transition.  Now that carbon worship has failed spectacularly we can give up solar and wind power (no sun, no wind).  We can go for methanol fuel cell hybrid cars which are best for the cold.  In the US, they have to figure out how to frack for gas without injecting fresh water in Oklahoma.  In Leeds, they can burn their old papers for warmth.  :)

pps.  from the early emails - "If this turns out to be a natural cycle, they'll crucify us."  Ha ha!

even more:  I found the temp chart.  The cold spear will dive in deeper.  All warm water will get cut off.

Monday, December 11, 2017

New Jobs for Climate Scientists

I am now being very kind to the warmies in the Gard.  They don't respond to anything any more.  Like I said, they may be all frozen.  However, in the event that a few survive by hiding in the university basement, I am making up a list for jobs.


-former English Majors who went into this life because it was a good living.
-can't do physics if it hit them on the head
-can't do math
-very good at bludgeoning people in the media and on email
-excellent at semantics for introducing new terms such as 'denier'.
-excellent making 'ad hoc' explanations on the fly, such as 'oceans gobbling all the heat'

Possible Jobs

-bitcoin promoter -- "It will keep going up until it destroys the world economy'
-ocean doomer -- "Plastics will kill us all"
-back to the 70's ozone doomers "The hole will expand and give us all cancer"
-back to peak oil doomers "We'll run out of oil", or food, or copper.

In short, there are lots of jobs.  Soon, universities, those masters of expediency, will be promoting atmospheric physics to desperately attract students.  However, they will have to deal with the remaining tenure walking-dead warmie bodies.  They could send them out for a walk.  :)