Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summary of Current Fish Issues

I really can't find too much to write about these days.  However, we are going for a week touring around Newfoundland, and that's exciting to plan for.

Oklahoma Earthquakes:  Trumpy has driven the economy into a hole and natural gas is bouncing along the bottom of the price chart.  No big earthquake this year.

Global Warming:  Watching the temperatures fall is like watching grass grow.  In fact, my grass has grown at a ridiculous rate with all this rain.  If I make fun of warmies on the leftie newspapers, they just cut off the temperature charts at 2016.

Toronto Housing Crash:  Same as global warming.

I have to fight this depression.  :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cottage Report

Went up Tuesday for two nights, which is all I can stand alone.  The dog keeps me company.  Anyway I need 2 days in a row without rain to put on that Deckover stuff.  And this summer, that's a rare event.  So, rain overnight Tuesday, but Wed was perfect, hot and not a puff of wind.  Not superhot either, but hot enough when working on the deck.  I could put up the dock sun cover for about the fourth time this year.

Naturally, with weather this good, not a nibble when fishing.  But I came home on Thursday, racing a huge rain front.  Oh well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Toronto Housing Chart

Yeah, he is back from va-kay, and did the chart.  I'd do these things, too, but it's too much like work.

The market people say this is a blip.  Condos are still strong, etc.  Believe that prices are only going to drop 10%.  Happy thoughts.

ps. the abandoned house on the corner sold.  This was a 'must sell', and they probably took a 10% discount.  No 'sold over asking' here!