Saturday, January 20, 2018

Every Day is Coming Up Icicles

So, although carbon is very important somewhere, the poor, pitiful physics approach makes the miserable conclusion that our climate has been controlled by ocean currents from the beginning, and the exact same mechanism has been running since then.

This is the Atlantic equatorial current.  It is now hitting the nose of South America.  A little splinter of warm water heads to the south.  This is very unstable.  Should the current move down a little, then all the hot water goes south. 

What I just realized is the the Pacific is just as unstable.

Who would have thought that plate tectonics has such a sense of humour, as to put two big noses in the prow for the current.  A little push and we really are in a mini-ice age.

Friday, January 19, 2018

USGS - The Wonderful Early Warning Thing


Ok, this is really serious.  I've got to get back in with The Consenus, or they will kill me.  I absolutely love their work on this press release.  It is so happy.  It makes early warning systems look so good.  These people felt the shaking before the warning.  However, the sirens sharpened their mind on what they should do.  It probably saved thousands of lives.  Well done!  And God Speed on getting lots of money from the politicians.

ps.  All that good work, and they are suddenly laid off.  I always wonder if they get back-pay for these times, and this will be a long one.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Toronto Housing Follows Bits-Coins

I'm not using any physics here.  The physics predicted this over a year ago, and now there is no more physics.  Total money is sales times average price, and that is very sad.  All the listings around our place have withdrawn and everybody is doing minor renovations on distressed houses.  I did miscalculate the timing for a major crash.  People and banks are holding on far longer than I thought.  I had assumed that distress housing would have flooded the market by now, with all those people holding two houses.

If I did do physics any more, then these houses will come up in the Spring.  However, human nature is beyond physics.  :)