Tuesday, February 20, 2018



I said this a long time ago that nasa is suffering from 'bureaucratic engineering disease'  (bed).  Bed has struck my old company, and we'll see this soon, perhaps.  Those guys can cover anything up.  :)

Good old von Braun loathed the space shuttle.  It was all a thing to look good.  Then the famous accidents, and now I'm sure some ex-engineer screamed against making a shitty platform 'stronger'  It can't be done.  Maybe you can get 50%, but this 'monster bureaucratic rocket', needs many times stronger, and they want to make the rocket heavier.  And this launcher is tilting unloaded!  In order to look better, they are doing one launch on this limp banana. 

Bureaucratic engineering gives us tilting buildings in earthquakes.  Bur. Science gave us the 'Carbon Hypothesis'.  Only spacex is riding the wave right now.  :)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tiny subduction earthquake hits Mexico

Please remember that an M7.2 is nothing along this gigantic subduction zone.  This is my numero uno zone for a huge M9.  It's so smooth and shiny!  :)  If that happens, all the buildings in Mexico will jump into the air.

This is way above all the other 'dire' zones that the tabloids love.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time to get your Canadabis plants going

This picture has nothing to do with me.  I got it off the internet.  If I actually had seeds, it is time to start them.  This imaginary plant is in a hydroponic system used to grow microgreens.  It was the only seed left that grew.

Buy your seeds from my buddy at Crop King.  Somebody chose 'Hash Plant' because it is 4% cbd and 12% thc.  It is not strong by modern standards.  I feel that the thc is important as well as the cbd.

This plant has produced the very best health supplement for old people.  It clears the mind and clears all the aches and pains.  And it lasts quite some time without taking anything.  I am convinced that it is curing things, and maintaining good health.  It's magnificent for anxiety.

This far-away plant will grow rapidly and the shoots will be put in soil.  Like last year, they produce a meter-high plant that has a huge crop by the end of September.  If there are lots of shoots, then all the neighbours are lined up.

The shoots are dipped in rooting hormone and then stuck in soil.  The plants are grown in a big pot of soil.  4 plants to a household.  That's enough for a lot of people.

ps. Somebody on the Guardian suggested 'Maple Syrup Hash'.  It will be our biggest export.