Friday, March 16, 2018

California pushes earthquake resilience with new building codes


Very noble of them.  I've been preaching this for some time to my 7-person church choir.  :)  Unfortunately, the whole engineering thing is broken.  Buildings tilt at only 40 cm/s pgv.  A moderate earthquake would condemn every building in LA. 

The Florida bridge is indicative of the 'New Wave'.  Had it stood, it would have done the same at 10 cm/s.  Somewhere at that level is the high chance of static collapse, as we have witnessed.  *

The US now praises incompetence.  'Who's next?' gloats trumpypants.  We wait for the next earthquake. 

*In general, structures have a nominal earthquake capacity due to winds and live loads.  It's somewhere around 10-20 cm/s.  Anything lower than that, and you have static collapse, like in third-world countries. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Engineering Failures in the Trumpy States


If anybody has learned anything in the trumpystates is that you are happier if you wrap yourself in Wilful Ignorance.  Their leader has shown that you can make up anything, lie, betray, and you are still popular.  Who doesn't want this?

I've been following this trend for the earthquakes in Oklahoma.  A great many people have removed themselves from thinking with the whole biblical science thing.  The rest have drifted off into conspiracy theories.

I put it out that this is endemic and the current Great Cycle.  It's a situation where the first ones are tremendously rewarded, but if everybody does it, then everything collapses.  I've noticed it for some years, where no bigwig is responsible because he pulls the Stupidity Defence.  Our company was well into it when I left.  Let's see what they come up with.

In our current system, the smart one always gets killed.  He's the one that says "That darn thing will collapse".  If he stays or the comment is recorded, then he is killed in the lawsuits that follow.  Everybody knows this now, so that guy has gone extinct.  This collapse won't be a case of some smart criminal skimming out the cement powder, no, this will be an endless story of "Wasn't me."

When everything is collapsing, and people dying of earthquakes, diesel fumes, etc, there will be a change.  Bigwigs will be charged with fraud:  that they accepted money knowing full well they couldn't do the job.  We know who is #1 at this, and in this current social climate, trumpy is immune, even if everybody dies.

Of course, everybody isn't going to die.  In the worst case, all these catastrophic failures are at a thousand to one odds, when they used to be 100,000 to one.  What are the lawyers going to do with probability?

ps.  a video shows the explosive collapse.  Amazing.

pps. they were tightening the cables at the time.  Bad design would start a zipper failure with one strand breaking.
 ppppps.  the Amercans are already gunning for the scapegoat

UK to sweep what it sews - Snow and the New Ice Age

Poor UK.  The Unemployed English Majors of the Social Apocalypse started the gross manipulation of the world with their attack on basic physics.  The pioneered all the techniques, then used by Russia to engineer Brexit and trumpyism.  Really, what's a few more fake facts?  Now the poutines could poison the whole place and who would find the bodies under all the ice?

But Canada will attack Russia with cheap Canadabis, and get revenge for those poor lost souls.  :)