Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bruce nuclear panel picked

Here it is, hot off the press! I simply cannot understand why this loser concept is way ahead of the 'official' pick of the Darlington site. We looked at this many years ago, and could not pick a location on that 'swiss-cheesy' rock. Maybe now that the heavy water plant has been demolished, there is some more room.

As Mr. Bruce himself has defined it, this panel is just looking at traffic jams, and increased housing. All the nasty bits 'have been taken care of'. I googled the panel members and find they are all senior bureaucrats, two of them from the CNSC board. They are probably very good at sitting for long periods of time, I know I can't do it!

As with the US panels, all scientific information will be dismissed on procedural grounds. After the panel is done, any more scientific questions will be dismissed as 'having been addressed in the panel'. It's such a wonderful world!

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