Saturday, September 13, 2008

Darwin Awards for those who do not evacuate

I'm continuously reading about this hurricane hitting Texas. There was plenty warning, the exact time, the exact effect, etc. Still, lots of people just drank beer on their front porch, knowing that there would soon be 20 feet of water over their heads.

Makes me wonder about 'earthquake prediction'. No matter how good it ever becomes (fat chance!), it will be worse than hurricanes, with false alarms. So, you could have this perfectly wonderful prediction, and nobody would do anything! It's like those stupid tsunami sirens.

I think that 'proud ignorance' of science will kill a lot of people. I can just imagine all these lipsticked pitbull politicians running around and saying 'Forget Science, do what I tell you to!'. Soon people don't listen to anything!

Same with the big food incidents. Just read that there was another big one in China with lots of babies affected. Wife and I were discussing that this will probably be the thing that eventually kills us. With Harpo-majority killing all science in the food safety board, I think they will allow huge self-similar empires to develop, with the resulting huge power law failures.


Harbles said...

People are stupid.

A statement that is difficult to refute.

My gripe is how can Canadian retail gas outlets increase their price by 10% when the said disaster is still 100 miles off shore.

Why are refineries located in the hurricane prone lowlands of the gulf coast and not on higher ground?

Stupid? Like a fox if you are Big Oil.

Antimonite said...

Its not all about stupidity when money talks as a vital factor. Not all people have the resources to evacute even if they wanted to. Especially in a country like yours where some people are extremly poor and live in trailers and even in the streets.

Harold Asmis said...

I know, but the reports are that people were drinking and having a bbq when a giant wall of water was coming up behind them. Although one can say that it's not their fault they're stupid, but it still takes them out of the reproduction game.