Monday, September 8, 2008

French fried (almost)

Another day, another nuclear incident in France. :) I'm not going to say much because I love all the French wine I will buy with my ad revenue, so I will only say "Sacre blue!".

This can't be a totally trivial incident, since they sounded the French "Run Away!" alarm, so it will be interesting to hear more.


Harbles said...

off topic re: you tube ads...

The video window appears a little large on my browser (Firefox at 1024 x 768) such that it covers part of the posts to the right.

I enjoyed the Rex Murphy spot and agree that having a bunch of re-tread Harris cabinet refugees slagging the Ontario Liberal govt. is some what counter-productive if one is trying to win seats in the GTA.

And those Frenchies should be more careful with their Nucs.

Harold Asmis said...

You can't just laugh at them! You have to actually click on one of the links that pop up, for me to get my wine money! Comon, it's the least you can do for an old grouch..... whimper, whine.

Harbles said...

I am unclear on the business model on the You tube ads.
Ok, So I take a poorly produced video tour of Uxbridge and you get wine for that?
Like i said the CBC piece was good.

My only gripe is the formating of the video window which blocks part of the article window.

Oh the little google ad windows.. I'll try.. for the fish.

Harbles said...

OK, so in the past few minutes i have clicked on an add from the Ontario Hospital association, one from the Ontario min. of Environment, and one for RCC computer degrees from Yorkville University.

Don't drink it all at once.

Harold Asmis said...

Use the dang Flashblock I mentioned. That way you get to open up the flash when you want to!

Holy Canoly! That little bit of clicking gave me $4.16 into my wine fund! What about my 70 other readers?

If they all clicked, I might be able to go to Vintages before Christmas! Currently, I fill up cases myself when I go to Montreal, in my 'reused' glass bottles.