Friday, September 12, 2008

Glorious Fall Days

I spent two days at the cottage, just me and the dog! It's quite cool now, so I spent a lot of time in the sauna, getting hot enough to jump into the ice water, and sun myself on the dock, until I froze, and back into the oven again!

Went for a hike in the morning to the back lakes to catch a fish for dinner. Cindy-lou loves these walks, and I love having her, to attract the bears! After a few casts, I got a hard bite, and then I hooked a beauty! I did some more fishing, but threw them back.

Back to the cottage, to do some more sauna, and later, to bbq the fish on a cedar plank. Was that good! I had fires to keep warm over night, and it's amazing how my big pile of wood was totally used up! I could never live here long. I don't do any work when I'm up alone, because of a fear that a big tree will fall on me!

ps. Many thanks to the little elf who is clicking the ads for wine. I'm absolutely not supposed to touch the stuff, so when I do, it had better be good!

pps. I am now working on another grand video opus, this time on "Nuclear Geodynamics". My utube videos are starting to get quite the audience, hope they come and visit here.


Harbles said...

We will get video of you jumping into a lightly iced over lake after cooking in the sauna for a while then beating yourself with leafy branches won't we?

Harbles said...

It's Birch branches apparently.

Harold Asmis said...

No, I'm naked, and hoping the other cottagers just politely look away!