Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back Spasm Floors the Old Guy

Yesterday I had one of my 'Grand Mal' back spasms. I hadn't had one for years! Normally I keep them away by exercise and stretching, but I get lazy. And I've enjoyed my Sony bookreader so much, I was probably sitting too much, and the cold seemed to keep me in.

Oh, boy! I was flat on the floor, couldn't get up! I started wolfing down pain killers to dangerous levels, and was getting worried how I could get up to pee! The pain coursed through me like the proverbial hot needles. Luckily, I have a routine to get me back up again, but it causes even more pain. I started icing, and stretching, and moaning!

I'm fine now, but a little stiff. Pain killers down to normal dose. Makes you feel good to be alive!

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