Saturday, January 3, 2009

Self-Medicating with Booze


This article just reminds me of me, the way I used to be. Don't do it! I know lots of people who 'relax' with booze, and use it to sleep. It doesn't work kiddies!

If you find yourself taking some hard liquor drinks in the evening to relax and go to sleep, take this as a warning. You've got to act soon before it goes too far. See your doctor, get some temporary Prozac, cut off the booze, and make an appointment with a chemical-psychiatrist (one who is good at dispensing, none of this talking crap!). It's important to go the next step and experiment to find your optimum dose. Also, half this stuff doesn't work for half the people, you've got to try different stuff. If you go too far down addiction, booze, drugs, nicotine, etc, you are doomed, and you don't care! Ideally, you have to drop nicotine, and alcohol. I take very small amounts of red wine, just to cheer me up. In the summer, when my chemicals are high, I can take a whole beer!

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Silver Fox said...

Confucius say: "It is wise for an old man to drink; it is wise for a young man not to drink." Unfortunately, I started the other way around and used up *most* of my quota early on. :(