Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No water for a night

In an earthquake, you should be ready for no water for 3 days. In that case, it is good to have a hot water tank, rather than a smoggy in-line heater.

We got a taste of that at the old manor yesterday. We've been plagued by water main pressure drops all summer, but this was a doozy! The driveway down the road was lifted by a watermain break. Note to the wise - if you have a shitty old water main under your driveway, do not go for expensive patterned concrete!

Naturally, our professional screaming neighbours all screamed at the city. First the city said 3 hours, then more screaming, and they said 1 hour. What's it off their nose? They're off in an hour! The trucks all came and then sat there for 4 hours! We didn't have water from 5 pm to midnight. Then in the morning, all the water was mud! I'm still flushing everything!

If this happens to you, don't forget to flush out the hot water tank a few times over the next week, and turn up the temperature, if you have it too low. The soil is a wonderful source of Legionella!


Divalent said...

Better advice is to not run your water until the neighbors have fully flushed the street lines. That way the mud doesn't get into your hot water tank. (And even then, only run just cold water, from a tap nearest you city hookup, until it is running clear in you house).

Harold Asmis said...

The big problem with that, which I found out, is that after 4 hours, you have instinctively opened many taps and swore, and have flushed many toilets and swore. So the mud comes swooshing into your house no matter what. Even if you were smart enough to turn off your supply, your line from the water main would suck up mud.