Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nobody wants gas plants either


I'm not going too far down this road, because it's political.


Harbles said...

Gotta love the Ads.

" Our patented SubCom technologies were developed to handle clean, dirty and corrosive fluid heating and evaporative processes. Suitable for unattended operation in remote locations these systems do not require a certified operator. They offer a cost effective alternative to boiler and heat exchanger systems. "

I assume this is a co-gen peaker power plant only intended to run 6 hours a day or so baring other 'emergency' outages.
How close is it to anyone's backyard?

Harbles said...

Humble apologies but I have a somewhat off topic question.
If one wanted to do a sonar survey of the Arctic continental shelf would you use a Sercel G-Gun (air Cannon).
The question is in relation to this item about Canadian and US Coast Guard vessels doing Continental shelf mapping.

Doh It's the Canadian ship that has the air Guns. Probly have to share the data.