Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Lies Beneath the Dock

As you know, we had a miserable, cool, wet summer, but the fall is nice. Just spent another 3 days at the cottage, with one day of solid rain that sucked all the life out of me!

When it was nice, dog and me would watch the sunset on the dock, and do some fishing. I just had a little piece of worm on a hook, and was looking for some small fish to amuse the dog (the marina now has a Lab that looks for fish and jumps in and catches them!). Anyway, there was nothing! Probably because the big monsters under the dock are eating them. Every time we have kids up, we tell them to snorkel under the dock and look at the big monsters. They are always awed.

So, both nights, I toss most of my worm at the end, and it doesn't sink a metre, before - flash! it instantly disappears. Obviously, this gives me a way to catch them, but somehow I don't want to.

Well, this was the day I finally pinged a red squirrel with my air gun! These things get too bold around humans, and then dig into your cottage. You should see what they did to my neighbour! So, every few years I have to put the Fear of Nasty Humans back into them, so they don't get into my place. Right now, they were so bold, they practically ran over me and the dog! So I got out the air gun, and shot after one. I'm not a great aim, but I was getting within mm's of them, and making a great big loud noise on the wood. And you know what? Not a clue, just like a Niagara tunneler! They'd go like nothing happened. Finally, I got it, and it jumped like 6 feet! Took it's little friends with him, and I never saw them again. Now I won't have any fun for another few years!

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