Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Corpo-Gov Blog

BC Gov Blog

This is an interesting Christmas gift for me. The rise of the corpo-gov blog in Canada. As we know, our lives in Canada are dominated by cartels and self-similar institute-cracies. Normally, you'll never see any brains from these, they just like to fill the wrong tanks at nuclear plants.

But, perhaps some people are realizing this? Did some hero kill themselves to bring out a blog in BC? It's bland, but the editor seems to have brains. I wish them luck!


kane said...

This is everywhere and not just Canada my friend.

The Cartels run everything worldwide and yes, they are just as brainless everywhere also..

Harold Asmis said...

For some reason, this has high traffic right now. This concept of the corpo-gov blog fell flat, and now everything is carefully managed sweet cream from the PR department.