Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ontario Nuclear Fades


Kim Warren, director of planning and assessments with the independent operator, said conventional wisdom is that economies rebound quickly following a recession. "That may not be the case this time around," he said.

Normally, one would use a recession to build a nuclear plant on the cheap, but we don't have that ability anymore. In fact, it looks more likely that we are going into a permanent Japan Tail Spin, for the foreseeable future.

What causes this sort of thing? It's an over-reliance on powerful cartels and interest groups. Our last billions will be spent on things that don't work.

In fact, for the very first time, I shall declare: "We cannot build a nuclear station!" There, I said it. I've always dreamed that we could do it, even though that last plan to put a crap aecl plant on the Darlington postage stamp would never have worked.

So, if we go down the Yellow Brick Spiral, then we don't have to worry about electricity supply. Unlike Japan, however, which has demographic and generational problems, we have a chance to come out it. But only after we've gone through hell, like Toyota, who gave up on engineering. This would require us to bust up the power groups, and we can finally get decent broadband, and electronic health records! :)

Of course, now we won't be able to build a decent nuclear repository, either, and we won't be able to prepare for an earthquake. Life sucks when you are diving down the rabbit hole.

At least I can continue to make fun of our last few billions being thrown away, like the Niagara Tunnel. :)

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