Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fish Rolling Down

To all my many new readers. If you follow my archives, you will find many times that I wished to throw everything away, and commit blogicide. You might be aware from my biography that I am an intellectual depressive, who was treated brutally by the old company in my last few years. As well, I have an element of sun awareness with my depression. As the fall comes, I struggle more often. In general, I'm doing quite well on a little bit of Cipralex, and Trazodone, which keeps up my Serotonin to survival level.

This summer was very nice and sunny, and I've done fantastic. My Ontario earthquake whapped us in July, and I got thousands of hits a day. It has kept up at an amazing 500 hits per day average. Now, as my great Norwegian fans would know, I feel the sun going away.

So, this is my first attempt of the season at blogicide. I intend to give it up, and watch all the hits dwindle down to nothing, which will help me tremendously with my pathetic wallowing. Good-bye.

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