Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nuclear Waste Underground Disposal - Primer - 1

My new mission is to stop being catty about all those losers out there, and focus on projects for bright students with connected laptops on their desk.  I'm talking Kenya or Peru here, not the loser Developed World, with those powerful unions and bureaucracies.

This series will outline various projects where one can assemble internet sources, not just Wikipedia.  (As an aside, just steal their ideas and go to the sources, never quote it!!)  I will attempt to dig up sources, and you can proceed as if you were actually writing something for Wikipedia.

This issue is quite relevant and will become more so in a tiny place called Ontario, Canada, once the main nuclear utility gets its thumb out, and proceeds with the underground nuclear waste disposal at Bruce, now probably purposely delayed for a couple of years.

Perhaps the most difficult start to this project is to actually define Nuclear Waste.  It is a term that has now been spread thin like too little butter on toast, to quote a hobbit.  You can be sure that the original intention of the term was "Nuclear", as in radioactive material which is dangerous to humans, and "Waste" which means deliberately thrown out.  Now I've seen the term used for minor tritium releases, and thin contamination on steel.  Nevertheless, it is a 'hot button' term, which gets people all roused up, and defies rational discussion.  You should always mention this in your report.

(ps.  I tend to do these in little spurts.  It is your first job to assemble them.)  :)

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