Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Asus O Play Bricked

We love you Asus, but man, was that a stinky product!  It should live forever in your Hall of Shame.

It was a brave product at the time, and ran on embedded Linux.  The only good thing about it was really great Wireless N reception.  The software was written by the President's Idiot Cousin, and the hardware was cobbled together by another relative.  There were countless firmware upgrades, and you always crossed your fingers when upgrading.  It usually was worse, or you risked Total Bricking.

It never worked right, but I tolerated its flashing menu screen, and it's problem with media servers.  Finally I hit the bullet in my Firmware Russian Roulette.  That's right, it is totally bricked.  Seems it happens a lot, and some people have gone to extreme lengths to recover, including taking it apart and attaching wires for a Linux console.  Even then, they eventually Super Bricked it.

Off to get something else...

Update:  Got a wdtv live from Costco.  They have a tendency to brick, as well.  Anyway, the wireless n is good, and streams well from the basement to the 2nd story.

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