Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Summary

No big earthquakes.  Weekend was cool and a bit more seasonal.  We actually used the sauna at the cottage.

Big cottage toy is the new Off clip-on repellent.  Some people think it is ultrasonic, but it has a little fan for diffusing a micro-vial of some chemical.  I can't read the fine print so I assume it is as harmless as Deet, since you are breathing it.  :)

Testing it was tough as there are NO BUGS!  Even then, we couldn't find anybody to be the 'control', and go into the bush naked.  Finally, I took it to the ultimate test -- the overflow pooper in the back.  Only one mosquito came drifting in and I kept blowing the vapours at it.  Every time it sniffed, it took a shot back, like it was shocked.  "Ha, Gotcha again!  Coming back for more, eh!  Ha - Take that!"  Much more fun than the bug zapper, which would be over way too fast.  Finally, she left.

The good thing is the vial and batteries last for 11 hours straight, or for 2 weeks off and on.  Thus, you can use it 2 hours a day, turn it off when not needed, and it should last for the 2 weeks.  It is useless for walking through the bush, since the vapour would stream behind you, but I might want to strap it inside the canoe when I'm doing the Mr. Canoe-head for portaging.

Jam one up in there!


Gus83 said...

Spoke with a Pharmacist who was sure they need to list DEET % now to inform women and protect unborn children. I suspect the contents are of the less effective Geraniol that is becoming more mainstream:

Reviews are pretty mixed across the web so it makes sense you had to blast her with it for it to do anything. I'll stick to the tried and true chemicals.

Harold Asmis said...

The only other mosquito came at night, like a meteorite streaking from above, straight to the leg beside the unit, and started munching. Didn't give a damn about anything. Got the swat.