Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cobourg earthquake - M2.9


I was staying silent until Toyota blew out most of my brain cells.  So, I stupidly continue to post.  This tiny earthquake is noted for the complete lack of reporting on the Canadian side, even though it is right on the border.  We are getting no gold medals for science here.  But the USGS only snagged it because they have that moveable array in the East now.

Just for perspective, here is the general map.

You can see the megathrust lines, and you can also see the importance of water.  Nearly everybody just doesn't get that connection.  So most likely the Cobourg earthquake was on our side of the border.  The Southern Ontario Network seems to have given up this year, but that might just be inertia.  I hope OPG is still funding it because 5 billion of their overrun for Darlington will be due to seismic.  :)

Now, my rational side of my brain can take over, and I'll stop this ranting against the powers.  I mean, look what happened to that anti-sugar guy!  As always, the M5 in Oklahoma, right under that giant earth dam, will kill more brain cells.  :)

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