Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oklahoma M3.2 and M3.4 earthquakes

These earthquakes are really nothing.  Today, kiddies, we are looking at the lines which the earthquakes are starting to define.  As we get more quakes, the lines will get stronger, just like the lines under North America's largest nuclear plant.  :)  We must also look at how the lines match the general terrain.  This is no accident, as you can trace the megathrusts by terrain lines for a very long way into the States.  There are thousands of feet of sedimentary rock draping this Precambrian, what is the physics?

First off, the actual surface of the Precambrian, before the shallow seas, was very rugged, perhaps like the Grand Canyon today.  It is a fallacy that it was a smooth billiard table.  The sediments had to drape over this.  Second, is the way that the sediments consolidated and eventually turned into rock.  All consolidating clays need a drain.  The efficiency of this drain varied over the surface of the basement.  All of this would end up propagating faults and topography through the sediments.  You can see this in seismic sections, and it would be glaringly obvious if anybody could kick the oil companies down in this neck of the woods.

So, wait another year or two for the lines to harden up, and you will see them align with topography.

Update1:  Another M3.4 just came in.

Update2:  M3.7 on the end of the shear wing.

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