Thursday, March 6, 2014

Asymmetric felt map matches OK M3.9 solution

So, there is no question that the recent M3.9 was a thrust on my postulated fault.  I am only flogging this horse because we haven't had our big thrust.  As well, all the energy of a thrust goes up, and so this would be an M4.5 in terms of energy equivalence with the strike-slip earthquakes.

Here is the felt area.

And here the the fault-plane solution.

Fixing it as a NW fault, we can assume it slid up towards the south, since this is the 'hammer zone'.  These are high-angle reverse faults, and it is significant that the main pulse is towards the city.  I am also assuming that this is all dry red dirt, as I read somewhere.  No major swamps.

By having the thrust this way, the city is set up for a good pulse, should the larger earthquakes happen.  I must admit I am losing hope.  :(   Please inject like bandits, people, nothing will happen!

Addition:  Okay, it was downgraded to an M3.3.  This is the typical thrust downgrade.  I thought they had already done this.  It's because the nearby seismometers go through the roof but the distant ones say meh.

Add2:  Also they removed the fault plane solution.  Thrusts get no respect.

Add3:  M3.1 in the shear zone.  This would be a direct response to the thrust, so we should expect a lot in the zone over the next few days.  Death by a thousand cuts.

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