Friday, March 7, 2014

Starting to model the mighty OK fault

This zone will one day go down in history as the first man-made New Madrid.  As long as they are dumber than the other states, we have a chance to go up to M7.  Since this will be historic, I have started my 3d modelling, actually just illustration modelling.  It's probably useless to do stress models.

This is my footwall.  It's semi-transparent, and I will eventually place red spheres for earthquakes.  The footwall is absolutely solid rock, perfect for nuclear waste.  :)  It carries very high horizontal stress down the length (NE direction).  No earthquakes will be in this rock.  As has happened many times, if they drill into this for waste injection, they have wasted their money.

Next, I shall work on my hanging wall.  It has many arcs and it busted up, so it will be more difficult.  After, I have to cut the transform fault.  OK is tricky as it has three zones of earthquakes, and I don't know where or how deep they inject.

ps.  Oh, it's so beautiful, I had to add it.

It starts to resemble the reflection seismic.

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