Friday, February 27, 2015

Of Wolves and Watermains

I love the smell of a burst watermain in the morning.

Note the lovely steam rising from the river.

This was the start of my morning dog walk.  In the valley I saw the remains of a wolf pack kill.  I had said they would come and wipe out the coyotes.

So overnight, a pack of at least 6 wolves got the mangy sick coyote.  I am putting this together from my woodland skills, so the City can dismiss it.  There was nothing left but the grey fur.  The wolves munch everything, just like my dog, and their iron-cast stomachs take care of it.  There were a dozen giant poops all around, so they had a nice meal, not like a rabbit or anything.

Not a speck of blood, since they would eat that snow.  I couldn't tell anything from the tracks, since this is old snow, and large dogs have been all over it.  My dog stayed away from the whole thing.

Is this scarier than a zillion coyotes?  No.  The wolves are efficient, they'll just go after the deer and coyotes, and then slip back to Algonquin.  Wolves are the only thing stops coyotes from taking over the whole place, and our winter is a wolf winter.

Video of watermain

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