Sunday, March 8, 2015

Linux - Being the boss Part 1

I have a zotac, which I had used as a media machine.  It has 4 processors, and a good Intel graphics system, but I could never get it to work at full speed with Linux.  Finally, with the Linux 3.19 kernel, it is zooming.  But now I just use it for experiments.  I use a dedicated wd-live for the tv, which is embedded Linux.

A funny thing happened.  An old buddy did not retire, but got a big job at a medium industrial company.  I dreamt that they had a standard Sony-type windows system, and there was enough intelligence to get me to stop the bad guys.

First of all I would have to take my "Total Insanity" pills to do this, then the Big Guy would also need the same pills to have me do it.  I would have to severely oscillate my serotonin levels -- high to deal with vendors and stupid people, and low to do anything intelligent.

It would start with the CFO making a reasonable estimate of the cost of a Sony attack, which is probably a million bucks, and the probability which might be 1 in 50 per year.  That should leave a lot of money to play with.

-to be continued  (maybe)

Update:  Actually, I decided this is too insane to continue.  I think all these companies are happy to have competent parasites in their gut (intruders).  If you made a move to cure them, then the intruders would go nuts.  :)

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