Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Magnitude 7 earthquake that will hit Oklahoma

Now that we are regularly getting M6's in the Oklahoma zone, we might as well look at what an M7 will do.  This earthquake will hit before the Toronto M7, and it will hasten the '6' earthquake through massive stress changes in the centre of the continent.  I wouldn't be surprised if that earthquake started the whole East Coast going

People just don't understand exponentials and how they can creep up on you.  I really don't know how to explain them to these people.  I do know that they think an M5, 6, or 7 might only have a 10% difference between them, but that's bullcrap.  I know that the Oakies think religion will save them, but a lot of religious people have died in earthquakes.

I round all my magnitudes to a single digit, it isn't worth it to fight over a decimal point.  An M5 only cracks a circle of rock about 300 m in diameter.  A 6, about 3 km.

But a 7 is not longer a circle.  It flattens at the bottom of the crust, and becomes a rectangle 30 km long.  That produces the maximum PGV on the top.  An 8 is just a bunch of 7's 300 km long.  You only care about 9's because of the tsunami, and really big soil basins like Mexico City.  So a 7 is a big deal.

So, the big laugh is that all those surrounding states send their frack waste to OK because they got earthquakes themselves.  But the 7 will feel like an earthquake is right under them.  That's because the basement granite is like a giant bell, it doesn't matter where you strike, all the ants get knocked off.

The guiltiest and most evil of all states is Texas (OK is just deliberately ignorant).  I'll be glad when they are flattened.  They experienced earthquakes when they mixed frack water in with their deep water from oil wells, and then just stopped doing it.  Their oil people kept quiet, all the earthquakes stopped, and they will take that secret to their deaths.  I know what they did last summer!

So, all within a 200 km radius will experience the same motions.  The entire Mississippi Basin will be jello.  Although people on firm ground are good outside of 50 km, they'll have the no gas, no electricity problem with lots of fires.  I really won't go into all the other horrors, just read up on the New Madrid earthquakes.

ps.  This last earthquake has now been totally forgotten.  It's always enough to make The Earthquake Guy cry in his soup.  Everybody forgets until the next big one, then it's all crazy-crazy for a day.  The M7, however, will not be forgotten.


Barbara Bowman-Fuller said...

Harold you are Spot On about the deliberate ignorance of our govt. The jibe about Religion was off-base. People are angry with our state govt and especially our Gov. Mary Freaking Fallin! Hope all these elected officials are enjoying their selves because I don't see them getting re-elected with all the cracked foundations,toppled chimneys,cracked swimming pools,broken windows,cracks in walls! I am curious about the big secret? They say the injection of poison into our ground water was reduced fifty percent, BIG DEAL! Earthquakes are continuing but stronger each time. I have kids and grands Harold please tell me what is going to happen and when. You are the Geologist that speaks the truth. I Thank You!

Harold Asmis said...

Ok, I don't, really, truly, quiet religious people that believe in the separation of Church and State. I mean the others who kick Science like a beachball. :)