Thursday, December 8, 2016

Oh Happy Day, as they say in Rome.  We have the coffee roaster back.

And it's at the price I bought it!  Some may have remembered my article on Home Roasted Coffee.  This is the roaster, but I couldn't recommend the third party sellers at a lot more.

Get this for Christmas, if it is in stock by then.  Do make dark roast!  That bakes out all the caffeine and other goodness, and if you stick with light-medium roast, you will live forever!  :)  (fake news).  Read my review and get the Amazon warranty.

This is the best because that thing solid for me, but has a poor warranty.  I think you get problems with dark coffee.  :)

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**even though it says they are getting it in, buy it now so they get it faster.


Wayne Ridley said...

Alas, it seems they're out of stock again already. Which beans do you find work best?

Harold Asmis said...

They are out of stock, but they have a price and say they are getting it in soon. That's better than before, so just buy it. :)

I've done reviews on all the green beans I've tried. I like the Guatemalan and the Nicaraguan beans the best, and you can tell the difference on a medium roast. The Sumatran didn't seem to work for me, you couldn't get an even medium roast. Not much in the Columbian.